About Us

Subcultured was started as a place for me to gush about niche stuff that I like and to investigate subcultures I'm interested in. Some of my other friends were interested in it so I decided it would be cool if this could be an organized effort to put a spotlight on things that we love. We have a discord community that you can join here.

What Genres we cover

We cover a wide breadth of genres. Some genres included are punk, metal, industrial. synthwave, indie, new wave, and rock. This list is non-inclusive so if you're an artist making something interestingly subcultured feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Journalistic integrity

Subcultured is a passion project for all of it's writers. The goal of the project isn't to make money, gain clout, or anything like that. The goal is to talk about what we love. In consideration of that, we will not be taking paid sponsorships, paid album reviews, or anything of that nature. The promise of money clouds up journalism, and we want Subcultured to be as pure as possible. If we are in a situation where we could have monetary gain (e.g. Amazon Affiliate program) it will be clear that we are participating in such a thing. 

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